Psychological Assessment

At Pryor, Linder and Associates, we use a variety of methods to evaluate a person’s intellectual, behavioural and emotional functioning. All assessments begin with a comprehensive clinical interview, in which the parents or caretakers of the individual, and the individual themselves provide information on the individuals history, strengths and presenting problems.

Following the interview, a series of standardized tests are administered to evaluate the individuals cognitive, adaptive and social-emotional functioning. Visual-motor skills and academic skills may also be assessed if it is relevant. Observation of the individual and other informal assessment methods may be completed at this time.

Once the assessment is complete, a report is written and a feedback session is scheduled. Within the report, all testing results are reported and the combined results are used to identify the individual’s strengths, weaknesses and diagnoses. Referrals and recommendations for treatments and/or accommodations are also included in the report. Feedback may occur in-person, over the phone or through email, depending on the client’s preference.

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