Psychoeducational Assessment

A Psychoeducational Assessment involves several features:

  • An interview is conducted prior to testing to review informed consent and to obtain background information.
  • School and medical information is also provided by the parents at that time, as analysis of the child’s history and academic background is important to the assessment process.
  • Testing includes a psychological component (intellectual, behavioural and socio-emotional measures) and an educational component (academic measures).

Our assessment procedures meet the Learning Disabilities Association of Ontario’s (LDAO) assessment standards for identification, and follows the DSM-5 screening criteria. Our assessments also identify giftedness.

Once all the necessary information has been gathered, a feedback session with the parents is arranged. The purpose of a psychoeducational assessment is to help determine an individual’s learning profile, including their strengths and needs, so that an appropriate educational program involving any necessary modifications or accommodations can be suggested. If needed, support developing Individual Education Plans (IEP) is also provided.

Psycho-educational Assessment

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