DSO Eligibility Assessment

Developmental Services Ontario (DSO) provides supports and services to individuals with Developmental Disabilities.  In order to qualify for supports and services, an individual must meet the adaptive functioning, cognitive functioning and age of onset criteria set forth by the Services and Supports to Promote Social Inclusion of Persons with Developmental Disabilities Act, 2008.

Pryor, Linder and Associates offers psychological assessments that evaluate an individuals cognitive and adaptive functioning and well as their developmental history, and directly provide families with the report.

Typically, assessments last between 2-3 hours. All assessments begin with a comprehensive clinical interview, in which the parents or caretakers of the individual, and the individual themselves provide information on the individuals history, strengths and presenting problems. Standardize testing is administered to evaluate the individual’s cognitive and adaptive functioning.

Once the assessment is complete, a report is written. A report is sent to the family so that they can provide it to DSO in order to obtain a confirmation of eligibility.

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